How the process works

Think of the Eiffel Tower.
The superb view at the top is possible because of the reliability of the design underneath that supports it. At France by Design we want your vacation to have that “cloud nine” feeling. To get there, we start with a solid footing of facts.

Contact us and we’ll e-mail or fax you our complimentary trip blueprint form. This questionnaire allows us to assemble the “supply” list for your personalized trip proposal. Your trip’s design is composed of the following structural supports:

Base #1 – Personal focus
Base #2 – Cultural focus
Base #3– Regional focus
Base #4– Seasonal focus

Within 2-3 days of returning your trip blueprint form to us, we’ll contact you and discuss a plan for getting started.

Trip construction begins after you select the option for working with us that best suits you. (These options are described on our trip blueprint form.)

Platform 1 – Trip basics
· Passport
· Transportation
· Accommodation(s)
· Insurance

Platform 2 – Trip patterns
· Itinerary overview
· Itinerary day-by-day

Platform 3 – Trip pursuits
· Selection of daily activities
· Review & delivery of final documents

You’re there -- Isn’t the view from the top simply grand? Enjoy that “cloud nine” feeling!