About your guide

Kristi Wetzel is a Southern gal who is as fluent in French culture as she is in the French language. While studying the French language abroad, she fell in love with its people and culture. In 1996, after 12 years of teaching, Kristi began France by Design with a desire to create a way for independent explorers to enjoy France with confidence. She loves designing one-of-a-kind itineraries - the kind that woo her clients back to plan new adventures. To add to her in-depth knowledge of France’s diverse regions, Kristi just recently attained official recognition as a "France Destination Specialist" in July 2005.

A quote to ponder
America’s beloved French chef, Julia Child, once advised, "Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." If you’re looking for a travel professional with this level of excitement and dedication in her field of study, then you’ve found your guide.

A word of thanks
As I look around me, it gives me joy to reflect over the influence of countless kind, encouraging people. I’ve been blessed to have parents who personified love and patience. Their example inspires me daily. I’m grateful to my husband for offering his support with a listening ear and a helping hand. As a mother of two sons who embrace adventure, I’m privileged to dream and share life together. I wish to thank my extended family and friends for their referrals, cheery words, and timely prayers! For the creation of this website, my gratitude extends to Beckie Manley, Donnie Henderson, Spike Jones, Cory Godbey, and Patrick Cox. Thank you for your time and talent!

As I look above, I say with the Psalmist, "O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: his mercy endures forever."

A word of dedication
I dedicate this website in honor of my father, Dr. Johnny Jones, Jr. His smile could light up a room! His attention to detail was stunning. His acts of quiet generosity touched many lives. When he died on September 24, 1992, he left big footprints of love and faith that I strive to follow.